When was the last time you learned something new? Challenge yourself to discover new things in Baton Rouge with these top 12 spots! You’ll learn more than just about the history of these places, but also about our way of life in Louisiana’s Capital City.

  1. Louisiana Culinary Institute – Learn your way around the kitchen, or create your own tastes inspired by Cajun/Creole cuisine, with group cooking classes.

  2. New State Capitol – Through a walking tour of the State Capitol Grounds (and even French guided tours!) learn about the tallest state capitol building in the nation! 

  3. USS Kidd—Why is her reputation the “Pirate of the Pacific,” you ask?

  4. Old State Capitol – Did you know it was haunted? We’re not joking.

  5. Magnolia Mound Plantation—Experience the interpretation of the lifestyle of the French Creoles who formed the fascinating culture which still influences and pervades life in southern Louisiana.

  6. Painting with a Twist – Learn how to paint like Picasso at Painting with a Twist's boozy art classes!

  7. Louisiana Art & Science Museum – Hands-on galleries, interactive performances and more peak the interest of inquiring minds at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum.

  8. Rural Life Museum –Nestled amidst rural landscape, the museum allows you to travel back in time and explore the country's largest collection of material from 19th century Louisiana. 

  9. Highland Road Observatory – Answer your questions concerning astronomy and space science, gaze at the stars and more here.

  10. Odell S. Williams African American Museum – Vibrant colors and displays paint the picture of the then and now of African American History in Baton Rouge.

  11. LSU Campus tour – From meeting Mike the Tiger to strolling beneath century-old oaks, venture through LSU's campus with your very own tour guide.

  12. The Red Stick – Do you know where the city of Baton Rouge gets its name? Head out to the bluffs on Southern University’s campus for the tale.