Are you looking for fun things to do that are “Out of This World”? Well look no further than downtown’s own Louisiana Art and Science Museum! Located in a historic railroad depot since 1974, the Louisiana Art and Science Museum (LASM) is sure to leave you starry-eyed.  With educational entertainment for guests of all ages, LASM is truly in a world of its own!

Today’s trip to the museum brought us to the new exhibit  The Curious World of Patent Models which features 50 original models that date from 1860-1902, on loan from the Rothschild Collection. Viewing these intricately crafted miniatures really taught us about the inventions that we now take for granted.

We also got a tour the Ancient Egypt Gallery which houses ancient artifacts and a Ptolemaic-era mummy that rests in LASM’s own re-created rock-cut tomb. It was proven that this Mummy is in fact a man thanks to a medical scan from St. Elizabeth Hospital, although it was thought to be a woman for some time because of his small stature.   Mary Manhime at the LSU Faces Lab actually took the scans and reproduced a sketch of what he looked like 2,400 years ago!

Next we popped in on children having a hands-on experience and play in the Discovery Dept and Science Station.

The highlight of the field trip was definitely the Visual Music Show “Voices in the Dark,” showing now through May 29th. . This is the first presentation of this show in North America! Voices in the Dark is truly a magical audiovisual universe that is visually stunning utilizing 3-D and 2-D animations.  This show will blow you away, and maybe leave you a little motion sick, with its of 360-degree universe shown in the planetarium dome.  

Be sure to stop by the Museum Store at LASM and pick up some astronaut ice cream along with many other treasures to commemorate your visit!