You might be wondering what's happening to our local live music community in this time of uncertainty. 

While many organizations in Baton Rouge have the ability to remain open through the outbreak of COVID-19, we watch as others operate with reduced availability and limited drive-thru services while trying to maintain some sense of normalcy. Some are faced with complete closure.

At the same time, our local musicians are dealing with canceled events, tours, and performances, which they rely on each week. For years, local musicians have provided us with an invaluable re-connection to community and story-worthy experiences in an era of ever increasing digital separation. 

When was the last time you bonded with completely different people? When was the last time that yall's age or gender or background mattered less than the shared memories made? I'm willing to bet that if you've been to any of the amazing live music events in Baton Rouge lately, they are probably some of the first things to mind.

When these musicians' expression of song and soul and story comes to a halt, what can anyone do to help?

Proverbial 'Lemonade from Lemons'...

Here in South Louisiana we know that when faced with hard times, we pull together as a community. At this time, while we can't physically pull together, we can use our technology to virtually pull together. Our local music community is still committed to bringing you ongoing live music experiences, and they're doing it through live stream concerts!

Since 2014, Red Stick Music has been scouring the web and receiving submissions to bring you The Original Live Music Calendar for Baton Rouge, listing tens of thousands of shows. However; in response to the closure of so many of our favorite establishments earlier this week, we have temporarily shifted our focus to bring you the information on all of these local professional musicians' live streaming performances. 

This includes a live stream concert calendar on our website, sharing live stream concerts on our Facebook page and other social media, and any links to artists' "virtual tip jars" to support them as they provide ongoing entertainment for the Greater BR area. As we receive more and more live stream performance messages, we are updating our social media posts and ongoing website calendar. Musicians can send us their info on upcoming live stream concerts through a Facebook message, or shoot us an email to Once things return to normal, we will resume our usual live music coverage.

This weekend's live stream concerts from local Baton Rouge musicians include:

Friday, March 20

  • 2:00pm Peter Simon @ Facebook Live Stream Concert | -Folk/Acoustic-
  • 6:00pm Chris Eschete @ Facebook Live Stream Concert | -Acoustic/70's Rock-
  • 7:00pm Zach Lee Hartman @ Instagram Live Stream Concert | -Acoustic/Pop-
  • 7:30pm Anna & Preston Wallace @ Facebook Live Stream Concert | -Acoustic Covers-

Saturday, March 21

  • 5:30pm Bad Habit @ Facebook Live Stream Concert | -Rock/Country-
  • 6:00pm Chris Eschete @ Facebook Live Stream Concert | -Acoustic/70's Rock-
  • 7:00pm Petty Betty @ Facebook Live Stream Concert | -Rock/Variety-

Sunday, March 22

  • 6:00pm Chris Eschete @ Facebook Live Stream Concert | -Acoustic/70's Rock-

We can all help each other through this in one way or another. These wonderful musicians have taken it upon themselves to do what they can to bring us a sense of connection. Give them a shout or a share and let them know that their continued commitment isn't left unheard!

Wishing a sincere thanks to everyone supporting our local musicians through these crazy times!!!

-Red Stick Music


Live Stream Concert Calendar available online at

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