In Baton Rouge, we’re proud to say we have a festival for everything and everyone!

We do seasons a little different in Louisiana and one of those most loved is “festival season.” For this city though, the festival season has extended year-round with plenty to do in the spring, summer, fall and even winter.

A lot of Baton Rouge’s festivals take place in the beautiful downtown greenspaces, the perfect walkable location to all the fun; but one might be surprised when they venture out to different areas of town such as the revitalized mid-city area and the historic north Baton Rouge neighborhoods. Getting out of the campus bubble and exploring new areas allows you to experience the story of the entire Baton Rouge area.

From music festivals with the hottest local and touring artists, to food festivals showcasing our indigenous cuisine, gather your friends to try them all.

View our 2020 Festivals Guide made in partnership with LSU Student Media to see the best of what Baton Rouge has to offer this festival season:

2020 Festival Guide Cover

2020 Baton Rouge Festivals Guide