Guys, it's happening. LSU football is only ONE MONTH AWAY!!! The Tigers will take on Wisconsin at 8 p.m. Aug. 30 at the AdvoCare Texas Kickoff. If you bleed purple and gold, you'll relate to these 19 Signs You're Excited LSU Football Is a Month Away.

1. You've literally had a dream you were back in Tiger Stadium.







2. You know exactly how many days there are until kickoff.

August 30 needs to hurry up! I'm ready to see some #LSUfootball vs Wisconsin! #reliantstadium
— Benjamin Stover (@Benstover22) July 29, 2014

3. You watch the weather just to yell "NEVER" when the meteorologist says the chance of rain.







4. You have flashes of your tailgate spot when you get as much as a sniff of jambalaya or gumbo.







5. You've already bought an outfit for the gold game.








6. "Callin' Baton Rouge" is your pump up song.

7. And "Fight for LSU" puts you at ease.

8. You watched SEC Media Days, and you're not a journalist.











9. You've made a few totally reasonable ultimatums.


10. You've watched reruns of football games to get your fix.







11.  Your recently used emojis include tigers and purple and gold hearts.

12. You visit Mike VI on a regular basis.

13. You went to Bayou Country Superfest just to see the new Tiger Stadium renovations, and you were blown away.










14. And you couldn't contain your excitement when you found out Tiger Stadium capacity would increase from 92,560 to 102,321.

9,761 new best friends!

15. You watched National Signing Day intently to get a glimpse at the new recruits.
16. And you immediately followed all the freshmen on Twitter.

17. You've already introduced "buga" into your vocabulary, even though you still have no idea what it means.

Is it a noun, adjective or verb? We may never know.

18. You were overcome with emotion during the NFL draft because the boys are all grown up.






19. But you know it's not over. 

Forever LSU.







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Danielle Kelley, communications intern

Danielle is the communications intern for Visit Baton Rouge. She was born and raised in East Baton Rouge Parish and is passionate about all things Louisiana. An LSU senior, Danielle is studying mass communication with a concentration in public relations. She loves books, birds and Baton Rouge.

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