Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra

The Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra

Enhancing Creativity in Our Community through Classical Music


About the Symphony

Founded in 1947, the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra (BRSO) is the oldest orchestra in the state, sharing the love of classical music with more than 7,000 people in our community every year. Through performance, education and community engagement, the Baton Rouge Symphony is championing the long-term future of classical music across the region with people of all ages.

A night at the symphony is unlike anything else. Here are three things that make the symphony special, and an experience you don’t want to miss.


The Symphony Is...

  • The Ultimate Cover Band
    • Throughout the season, you’ll hear the symphony play some of history’s most iconic music. Even if you don’t consider yourself a classical music buff, you’ll be surprised at how much you recognize!
  • A Time Machine
    • Classical music is a window back in time to when it was first written. While the skill on display is impressive in its own right, the history and intent behind the music itself are rich and give a glimpse into the world and life of the composer.
  • A Completely Musical Display
    • With most modern music being accompanied by stage effects, lighting and vocals, the Symphony is a unique experience that focuses completely on the ability and performance of the musicians.


The Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra season is in full swing! Get tickets to one of their upcoming shows, and learn more about everything that they do for our community.