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LSU Tiger Tailgating

LSU Tiger Tailgating

Guide to Tiger Tailgating

What does Gameday mean? Gameday in Baton Rouge means Saturday’s tailgating at LSU’s Tiger Stadium where the grills are firin’ up, the drinks are flowin’ and you can hear the Golden Band from Tigerland belting out “Hold that Tiger.” Tailgating is one of our most legendary events around campus... and the best part about it is it’s free! Remember to wear your purple & gold and arrive early to snatch a parking spot! Now grab a drink and get ready to experience tailgating like nowhere else with 100,000 of your closest friends!

Welcome to Death Valley!

Mike the Tiger

Visit Louisiana State University’s icon. Mike the Tiger, a live Bengal-Siberian tiger who weighs over 450 pounds and eats approximately 20-25 pounds of raw meat daily. You’ll most likely catch our furry little friend sleeping in his private, multi-million-dollar habitat, but if you visit between 7-10 a.m. and 5-7 p.m. you just might catch him going for a swim or lunging for one of his toys! This isn’t the only place you can see him, Mike makes an appearance in Death Valley each game when he is rolled around the field in his cage to give the opposing team a scare!

LSU Parade Grounds & Surrounding Areas

Take a stroll over to the infamous parade grounds, a central location for LSU tailgating, where you’ll find some of the best cookin’! Feast your eyes on groups of Tiger Fans firing up vats of jambalaya, playing football and socializing with friends, family and even rivals! LSU fans are notorious for their southern hospitality, so don’t be surprised if you’re invited over to a fan’s tailgate or asked to join in a Fais Do Do! If you’re in need of LSU gear, walk over to the LSU Bookstore located on the corner of Highland Road and Raphael Semmes Drive inside Barnes and Noble, or check out Northgate where you’ll find Bengals & Bandits, an LSU concept store, and while you’re there grab a drink or some Cajun cuisine from Chime’s Retaurant!


Want to know even more places to tailgate? Stop at the Indian Mounds where you’ll see kids sliding down both hills, and if you’re brave enough, join them! Rolling down the Mounds is an old tradition students and fans have taken part in for years. You’ll probably work up an appetite after rolling down the Mounds so indulge in more drinks, cajun food and live entertainment outside of the Pete Maravich Assembly Center!

Victory Hill

Join in on one of the most well-known game-day traditions and watch the LSU coach and football team, Golden Girls and The Golden Band from Tigerland march down Victory Hill an hour and a half before game time. The 325-member band marches from the Greek Theatre to Tiger Stadium playing the “Pregame Salute” and the introduction to “Touchdown for LSU.” It may be crowded but

seeing the crowd hype up the team is half the fun! Don’t miss out!

Feel the Chills of Pregame in Death Valley

Get to your seats a half hour before game time to experience pregame, a tradition carried on by The Golden Band from Tigerland before each home game. The band begins the performance in the south end zone and marches onto the field to the beat of a single bass drum with the color guard, LSU Golden Girls and LSU Flag Team. During the performance the band spells out “LSU,” performs the “LSU Alma Mater” and “Star-Spangled Banner” then marches to the north end zone to form a tunnel through which the Fighting Tigers burst onto the field!

Now sit back and enjoy the game!

Please note, this tour is a suggestion of locations to visit and is not available for purchase.