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  • LSU Tiger Tailgating

    LSU Tiger Tailgating

    Welcome to Baton Rouge, home of Death Valley. We've compiled your complete guide to taking on LSU tailgating Tiger Style.

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  • Halloween in Baton Rouge

    Halloween in Baton Rouge

    As daunting tales of ghosts, vampires and goblins fill the capital city; visit Baton Rouge for a frightfully good time for all ages!

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  • Christmas in the Red Stick

    Christmas in the Red Stick

    Enjoy a very Merry Christmas in the Red Stick. Check out holiday celebrations from all around the Baton Rouge Area with this festive tour!

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  • Baton Rouge's Art Scene

    Baton Rouge's Art Scene

    Aspiring sculptor? Art enthusiast? The next Picasso? Whichever you are, Baton Rouge has an art scene to satisfy everyone. From classic to modern, and local to world-renowned, immerse yourself one by one in all that our art scene has to offer, and see the true masterpiece that is Baton Rouge!

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  • Capital City Culinary Tour

    Capital City Culinary Tour

    In Baton Rouge, one thing is certain: appetite is required. With a melting pot of succulent flavors indigenous to Louisiana, it’s no wonder ConventionSouth Magazine recently named us “Best Foodie City” two years in a row. From food trucks to five-star dining, trust us when we say that we have it all. So sharpen your knives, bring your forks and come on down!

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  • Red Stick Rhythm & Blues

    Red Stick Rhythm & Blues

    Baton Rouge pulsates a unique rhythm with its vibrant music scene! Baton Rouge hosts a wide variety of events and performances featuring both local and world-renowned entertainers of various genres year-round.

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  • Girlfriends Getaway

    Girlfriends Getaway

    Endless Shopping, relaxing spa treatments and heavenly desserts- what more could a girl want? Friends, sisters, mothers and daughters, come to Baton Rouge for the perfect girlfriends’ getaway experience!

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  • Shopaholics Welcome Itinerary

    Shopaholics Welcome Itinerary

    Calling all fashionistas! Do you dream of having the perfect shopping trip? Do you love weekend getaways? If so, you have to check out all of the shopping Baton Rouge has to offer!

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  • Sportsman's Paradise

    Sportsman's Paradise

    Explore Louisiana’s “Sportsman’s Paradise” Baton Rouge-style! Experience abundant swamplands, wildlife and waterfalls. Swim, skate, walk, run, fish or golf to enjoy the capital city’s natural beauty.

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  • Sugar Trail

    Sugar Trail

    This seasonal (fall) tour guides visitors through sugar plantations, sugar mills and interactive exhibits throughout the Baton Rouge area during the peak of the harvest season.

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