Baton Rouge Plantation Country

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, also referred to as Plantation Country, is a place where visitors can experience the state's deep and colorful history told through the area's historical architecture and rich countryside. Visitors and locals alike tour these elaborate and beautiful antebellum mansions experiencing what life was like at these domestic centers of massive cotton, sugar cane and rice plantations. Many of the larger plantations are restored and currently now serve as tourist attractions throughout Baton Rouge and its surrounding communities. Other than the mansions built in Federal or Greek revival styles in the early part of the 19th century, there is a tradition of cottage architecture that characterizes the slave quarters and rural settlements throughout Plantation Country. Today, this vernacular architecture style is found across southern Louisiana. Be on the lookout for this simple one or two-room houses in an Acadian cottage style.

Begin exploring by visiting some Baton Rouge's area well known antebellum homes and plantation homes.