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USBC Economic Impact

Oct 29, 2012 — Baton Rouge USBC Tourney a Success with Economic Impact of $113.2 million

$1.1 million in local seed money nets 100-to-1 return


BATON ROUGE, LA – The United States Bowling Congress Open Championships was held in Baton Rouge this year over a 151 day period. This was their second visit to Baton Rouge; as the capital city was also host in 2005. The Open Championships is the world’s largest annual participatory sporting event. In all, 58,704 USBC bowlers and 11,496 guests visited Baton Rouge for the tournament, which began Feb. 11 and concluded July 10.

To help cover the expenses of bringing the 2012 tournament to Baton Rouge, USBC received a total of $1.1 million in seed money from a partnership that included the City-Parish, three neighboring visitor bureaus, two local casinos and the Baton Rouge Chapter of the Louisiana Restaurant Association. The City-Parish’s total investment was $695,000, which was made over a five-year period.

In order to measure overall success and economic impact of the tournament, a study was commissioned by Visit Baton Rouge. Based on the bowler interviews at the 2012 tournament, SCI Research of Baton Rouge concluded that the 70,200 total bowlers and their guests were responsible for a total of $64.7 million in direct spending during this year’s tournament.

SCI Research estimated the total economic impact of the tournament at $113.2 million, including $27.4 million to the Food Service Industry, $35.6 million to the Hotel/Motel Industry, $14.9 million to the Transportation Industry, $12.1 million to the Entertainment Industry, $6.7 million to the Gaming Industry, and $15.9 million to the Retail Industry.

At a recent board meeting for Visit Baton Rouge, John Boston of SCI Research presented the Direct Spending and Economic Impact Report estimating the significance of the 2012 United State Bowling Congress. Boston stated, "The economic impact of the USBC Open Championship was significant. The $1.1 million contributed by the partnership of local and state government, Visit Baton Rouge, and their corporate / tourist bureau associates to attract the USBC to Baton Rouge, purchased a total economic impact of $113.2 million.  A remarkable investment indeed!" Visit Baton Rouge President and CEO Paul Arrigo noted, “Beyond the tremendous economic impact that the USBC Open Championships brought to the Baton Rouge area, we recognize over 70,000 ambassadors for the city that thoroughly enjoyed Baton Rouge. “We look forward to hosting USBC again in the future.”


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