About Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is rapidly moving forward, becoming America's next great city. Through the years, Baton Rouge has been and continues to be shaped by a variety of cultural and environmental influences. Travel down south and experience our cultural traditions seen in our unique attractions, imbedded in the lyrics of  our Zydeco, Blues and Cajun music, and tasted in our blend of Creole, African-American, French and Spanish cuisine. This city, Louisiana's capital city, is truly the center of Louisiana's cultural excitement.

While visiting, relive our colorful history though our cuisine and architecture, both a blend of Creole and Cajun, topped with Italian, German, Spanish, Caribbean and Greek flavorings.

So, whether your travels bring you to Baton Rouge for leisure or business, take time and enjoy the sights, cuisine and southern hospitality!

Everybody has a friend in Baton Rouge.
We are kind-hearted people, yet passionate and even a little territorial. 
We are generous hosts, but tenacious. 
We want our guests to be pleased, but obliterated in our home stadium 
(It depends on the situation :-)
We state opinions confidently, unapologetically with a little swagger 
and laughter. We’re lively and vivacious, but exhibit grace. 
We’re louder than loud, but only when our friends need us to be.
We’re the best kind of lovable southerner: Honest, talkative and smart. 
And never satisfied, new heights always beckon. Good is not good enough.

We’re swampers. We’re sophisticates. 
We like being comfortably casual, yet progressive, professional and ethical. 
You could say that our communities are golden rule-based. 
Socially, we are very generous, interconnected and close-knit.
And, as always, we seize every single moment to have a little fun.
We’re the best of both worlds, the perfect mixture of work and play
We’re Blues and Rock. We’re Country and Cajun. 
We’re great food and music, and usually at the same time.

Juxtaposed against a backdrop of worldwide economic adversity, Baton Rouge is on a positive swing. Shining brighter than ever before. As our city continues to grow in new and exciting ways, we invite you to go with us.  GO>>BR and GO BEYOND

The mission of Visit Baton Rouge shall be to increase visitation to and awareness of the Baton Rouge Area thereby enhancing economic impact.

Visit Baton Rouge shall conduct its business with integrity, energy and pride through a motivated staff displaying a passion for and an appreciation of the travel and tourism industry.